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Social Listening Platforms

April 20, 2014

Social listening has become an imperative for enterprises today. Consumers have fully embraced social media as a primary channel for sharing their experiences with brands. If a company is not aware of what their customers are saying about their brand, they miss out on critical opportunities for capturing positive feedback and for mitigating potentially damaging experiences that can spread like wildfire.

For companies engaged in social listening, they oftentimes find themselves trying to monitor a massive amount of data but feel overwhelmed.

For enterprises, the best social listening platforms have expanded capabilities that offer solutions for nonsocial users like product and brand managers. Through partnerships, the best platforms also include expanded data integrations with out-of-the-box integrations with nonsocial feedback data sources, delivering a single source for which to gain a 360 degree view of their consumers.

Ultimately, enterprises that deploy social listening technologies successfully gain opportunities to discover:

* Real time consumer insights
* Industry trends
* Competitive intelligence
* Sales leads
* Marketing opportunities
* Preferred social media channels
* Strategies for engaging them

According to Forrester, Sprinklr, Synthesio and Visible Technologies are three leaders in this space.

Published on Jul 9, 2013, Greg Lindsley, Senior Manager for Measurement and Social at Microsoft, shares his perspective and experience on what the challenges are when deploying a Social Relationship Platform to over 1000 end users worldwide. He offers 3 takeaways that every large organization should keep in mind and share some nuggets of wisdom which may not be obvious to everyone.

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Social Business: What to Look For

November 01, 2013

Social business software can help every department within your enterprise create a competitive advantage and stand out in the market. Increasingly, enterprises are using social for elearning and knowledge management within their organization.

For Human resources, social business technologies can increase company performance by engaging the right people, sharing critical knowledge, motivating, educating and empowering your teams, and fostering success.

There are numerous platforms available to implement social business for your enterprise. One example is from IBM...

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