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5 Ways to Use Google AdWords to Market Your Products & Services

January 15, 2012

While Google is known for online search, it is also becoming known for transforming the world of advertising. As consumers depend more and more on search to find products and services, businesses are realizing that a sound marketing strategy with a strong online presence is critical.

Google AdWords capitalizes on Google’s vast numbers of search users. Here are 5 opportunities our Google AdWords Services can create for you:

Get Customers When They’re Looking

More than ever before, customers are making decisions about what to buy and where before they ever speak to a sales representative. Buyers looking for property, for example, may decide not only where they want to buy, but also choose a specific property they are interested in, before contacting a realtor.

This can be alarming for industries that depend on their sales force to educate leads and close sales.

Daron Rosenberg Creative works with businesses to create AdWords campaigns that will get you back into the buying cycle. We accomplish this by:

  • Targeting high value keywords and phrases
  • Creating hard-working ad copy
  • Testing your results

AdWords, as part of an integrated marketing approach, can connect you directly to the consumer at that critical decision-making moment.


AdWords allows you to target your advertisements to specific regions so you aren’t wasting ad dollars unqualified leads. Our Google AdWords services consultants will help you choose where your ads should run, and then help you analyze your leads to ensure you are getting the most out of every click-through.

Seasonal Advertising

It is well known that current, relevant ad copy generates more click-throughs. Our Google AdWords Services can help you create strategic campaigns that:

  • Continually renew ad copy to prevent searchers from “tuning out”.
  • Stay in sync with buyers by continuously updating the keywords, phrases, and ideas they are using.
  • Anticipate opportunities based on seasonal business cycles.

Promote Special Events

AdWords gives you a place to promote quick-turnaround messages. SEO is the tool by which your most valuable keywords are promoted on your website. Search engines, however, don’t respond quickly enough to promote special events such as product launches, grand openings, sales, contests, etc. An AdWords campaign, by contrast, is fast to implement and can be set to run only during the relevant timeframe.

Analyze Success

Historically, a business could only estimate response from print and television advertising. By contrast, Google AdWords services’ advanced analytics give you detailed reports on which ads perform well and under what circumstances. Testing ad copy and landing pages has never been easier to implement.

Unfortunately, this does not mean it’s easy to assess! You may need a qualified online strategy consultant to help you fully understand your performance and realize your full potential when using Google AdWords.