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The Benefits of Using Google Sites for Schools

September 28, 2012

Parents who live and work in a connected world are asking the same of their children’s schools. And, with budgets tight across the nation, schools are being asked to do even more with less. Fortunately, visionary products like Google Sites for schools are giving teachers and administrators a way to create learning management systems that are:

  • Simple – Web based tools use Google UI that is already familiar to parents and teachers.
  • Teacher-driven – No dependency upon web programmers to update pages or add new applications. Teachers can control their pages and adapt their site to meet the needs of their students.
  • Free for schools!

What is Google Sites for Schools?

Google Sites is a simple building tool that allows teachers, staff, and administrators to create Web pages under their school’s domain. In addition to being easy to update and feature rich, Google is continually adding new applications for education.

Even the least web-savvy teacher or parent can:

  • Embed Multimedia – Share photos of class projects, post slide shows from class presentations, and embed educational videos.
  • Share Calendars – Students and parents can view homework deadlines and upcoming school events from any computer.
  • Create Online Forms & Polls – Teachers can create questionnaires, quizzes, reading logs, surveys, science data collection forms, flashcards, and feedback forms with a click of their mouse.
  • Collaborate – Multiple users can collaborate on spreadsheets, slide show presentations, and text documents. Teachers can write comments directly into student documents. Students can work on documents at school and at home without lugging notebooks or flash drives back and forth.

“Going Google”

Though Google Sites for schools is a leader in transforming education with technology, school administrators know that implementing a system-wide learning management system is a careful, and sometimes frustrating, process. Most online strategy consultants simply don’t have the experience in education needed to launch a successful Google Apps for Education initiative.

Daron Rosenberg Creative has the education background required to help schools wanting forward-looking technology and innovative parent-teacher portals. We know the challenges of communicating with a multiplicity of parties, such as communications directors, volunteer parents, presidents, and board members.

We also know that setting up a template and walking out the door isn’t enough. That’s why we offers onsite training that will:

  • Familiarize faculty and parents with Google Sites’ tools and applications
  • Instruct them in the ways Google Sites can enhance parent-teacher and parent-student communication
  • Coach teachers and administration how to innovate learning techniques facilitated by Google Sites

If you are involved with a school or any education related organization, contact us to discuss ways that we can help you prepare your students or your children for a successful future in today’s high-tech world.