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Cloud Consulting Services

January 26, 2019

Today, cloud services such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) has proven its value to organizations and consumers. We all use some form of SaaS everyday from our phones, while from home and at work, but when choosing a SaaS solution for your company the thousands of specialty vendors makes the choice much more complex than ever before.

Navigating this complexity is easier with a consultant who can walk you through the options. Having 20+ years of experience, we can help small businesses, nonprofits, and enterprises look at their options and choose the best cloud-based tools to solve their needs.

Salesforce Expertise

While we have worked with 100+ SaaS tools dedicated to solving a wide range of issues, the benefits of using Salesforce stands out from the crowd for many reasons. Salesforce is recognized as best of breed among Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms.

Our 4+ years of experience working with the platform enables us to help customers with their evaluation, setup & deploy their instance, and to achieve a positive ROI.

Salesforce Services

Evaluation: Not much could be better for an evaluation than testing out your own customized version of a SaaS product like Salesforce. Having a Proof of Concept (POC) to evaluate with your team goes miles towards your goal of both determining if the SaaS product is right for your team and is a must for earning executive support to move forward. If you are not quite ready for a POC, you can also rely on us to present customized demonstrations of the business benefits and features that align with your needs.

Setup & Deployment: Your POC is a great starting point for the setup and deployment of your real instance of Salesforce, but the real thing often requires much more input from your organization, and customization based on those requirements. For this, we will walk you through the requirements gathering process, ensure your project runs smooth, and help you achieve very strong adoption across your organization.

Ongoing Management: While it is important that your organization assign an internal person to learn and become comfortable with your instance of Salesforce, we can also assist with ongoing management of your instance so that you are ensured of a positive ROI across your organization. This relationship would of course be customized based on your needs and we can also help transition responsibilities to your internal resources over time, if that suits you best.

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