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Geo-Targeting within Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Apps

October 05, 2013

In July, Adobe's newest release of their Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) includes some fascinating features. One of note is the ability to connect more deeply with readers through geographically targeted content & offers that drive readership, subscription and engagement with your app. You are able to display location-based content in an article and offer more relevant advertising to your readers by integrating with device GPS location data on iPad and iPhone. You are also able to engage more readers’ interest in your content by displaying region-specific folios within a Custom Store.

In addition, you can merchandise content by geography and offer relevant up-sell opportunities by displaying geo-specific banners within a Custom Store. The embedded video, presented by Colin Fleming will give you a great understanding of it. Bottom-line, it's a fascinating new feature.

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Adobe’s DPS is Transforming the Way Education Engages with Students & Alumni

September 03, 2013

It's a very exciting time for education. See how some educational institutions are using digital publishing to engage students, alumni, sports fans and their entire campus communities. Publishers have developed beautiful and interactive tablet content with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, reaching a wide audience with engaging content.

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An Adobe Prototype Demonstrating the Future of Digital Layout on the Web

May 31, 2013

In May, Adobe’s Web Platform team showcased a prototype demonstrating the future of digital layout on the web using web technologies and PhoneGap. All content was provided by National Geographic. Although the experience is fully responsive (meaning it adapts to screens of all sizes), they decided to push things a little further by creating an entirely new — and much more interactive — mobile version. Very worth viewing this short video to learn more.

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