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5Star-Cloud To Offer Cloud Computing Consulting

July 25, 2014

5Star-Cloud, will help enterprises choose between the best cloud-based tools to drive efficiency, effectiveness and increased customer engagement.

Our consulting will help:
* Increase sales success
* Reduce your cost of converting leads to customers
* Improve employee performance
* Help migrate your business to the cloud to increase storage and scalability

Increase Sales Success

Build a robust pipeline, engage your prospects, close bigger deals faster. Our cloud-based software solution is ideal for sales, marketing and account management.

Accurate Data
Utilize complete, accurate and current information about companies and contacts. Unlike static data sources, our data is constantly updated and validated monthly for accuracy.

Real-Time Insights
Keep abreast of news about companies and people in a structured format that’s easy to consume and highly actionable.

Leverage relationships across your private connection cloud for warm introductions, referrals, recommendations and to build multiple account touchpoints.

Watch Lists and Alerts
Unlike search services, customizable Watch Lists and Alerts deliver only relevant alerts about companies and people you are interested in.

Reduce your Cost of Converting Leads to Customers

With campaign events and automations you can have your own virtual sales force. Have personalized campaigns send from your individual sales reps based on where the contact is in your sales life cycle.

Effective Email Campaigns
Anyone can create beautiful campaigns. No coding needed. Our drag & drop email designer enables anyone to create highly dynamic and engaging emails.

Send automated emails based on a subscription date or any contacts’s data. Choose any amount of time to wait until sending these emails.

Automated Series
Setup a series of events that should take place. Create your own automated sales force or create series of actions for customer retention. Powerful logic for creating a powerful flow of actions .

Track Behaviors & Interests
We help connect your email campaigns, social marketing, and web site traffic. Understand how your contact use all of these mediums and use the data for personalized campaigns.

Improve Employee Performance

Our award-winning, easy-to-use LMS software, was built with integrated social learning tools to create an engaging and collaborative learning environment.

Improve Learning Program Efficiency
Use engaging, easy-to-use social learning tools. Share formal and informal information more efficiently. Encourage collaboration with dedicated online communities. Mobile access anytime, anywhere. Robust reporting tools.

Reduce Learning & Development Costs
Comparing training methods, eLearning tools allowed organizations annual savings of 21%, according to the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

A Learning Portal for All your Stakeholders
Ideal for distributed workforces. Extend learning to partners and customers. Quickly mange your learning requirements. Easily integrate with existing systems (API and SSO). SCORM certified to handle your content.

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