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Print Design

While so much is electronic today and reducing paper waste is important, print design needs are still alive and kickin’! If you are in business and meeting potential customers or clients, you still need a business card, sell sheets or a brochure. If you are in real estate, you will still need floor plans, posters, pricing sheets and postcards. If you partake in trade shows you will need posters or postcards.

If you need to advertise, print ads are still an excellent source of raising your exposure. Having worked in print publishing for 12 years, we know the file formats that printers need to produce great looking pieces. After we design your pieces, we can also be on press at the printers to assure the print quality that you expect.

Having a traditional design background, we also know how best to present your brand in a printed format versus an online format. Each medium has it’s strengths. We are typically called upon to design and produce complete sets of materials for companies that span across all mediums.