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Google AdWords

For marketers and business owners, Google AdWords enables you to immediately increase your visibility, target your buyers, get statistical feedback, and customize your campaigns to both fit your budget and respond to seasonal changes in buyer interest.

Google AdWords is not for all businesses. For example, if the costs per click (CPC) are too high for your target keywords, it may put you in the postion of never reaching an ROI. We will run through scenarios with you to determine how best to approach AdWords. We also have the advantage of working directly with our friends at Google to make sure your AdWord campaigns are setup most effectively and refined over time so that you receive the best possible ROI. 

While earning organic search listings through SEO is undoubtedly important, some marketing and advertising can only be handled through online advertising. New businesses and product releases simply don’t have the time to earn high search listings so Google AdWords can immediately get the word out. After websites earn high search listings, working in conjunction, Google Ads and organic listings can dramatically raise brand awareness.